Remove Makeup like
never before

Tired of the  hassle , irrational
skin itch and burn while removing
makeup after a long day ?

The new Eco-friendly , Organic ,
Reusable & Extra soft Makeup Eraser
Helps you Erase your makeup
” Only With Water ” and lasts up to
3 years.

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An Ergonomic way to cleanse.

Even washes off waterproof makeup with just water.

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These are chemical free , sustainable & healthy for your skin and environment.

This helps to clean your face in much more
eco-friendly way without hurting your skin & Sustain Your Looks.

  Erase in just 3 easy steps
1.Soak it in water
2. Erase and Exfoliate
3. Wash after use

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Makeup remover is a polyester cloth made up of millions of tiny fibers which works as a suction for all dirt , makeup and oil.

It’s antibacterial and does not contain any chemicals , which is made for durability and eco-friendly way for the envirinmaent

This extra soft , extra fluffy and organic friend is made for sustainable use and helps your skin glow everyday in a natural way

Say No To Wipes

Wipes are bad for your skin and the environment.
1 makeup eraser = 3600 wipes
It takes almost a decade for wipes to degrade

Explained By Doctors

The MakeUp Eraser is science and physics at work. It relies on the attraction
between ions to create a “suction” to suck up all makeup, dirt, & oil from your pores.
Similar to how a gecko uses its tiny hairs on the bottom of its feet to create
an attractive force to “stick” to walls and ceilings.
“Dr. Batra, why didn’t you think of this”? “I wish I had”.

Dr. Sonia Batra – Certified Board Dermatologist

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